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Established in 2017, Distinction Oil Trading is a recently set up oil trading company in Singapore. Our key strengths include reputable management team from the oil, finance, and public sector, an experienced trading team, and strong financial support from our solid sponsor.

Global refinery production and refinery complexes manufacture a wide spectrum of distillates to suit a variety of uses, This ranges from the motor gasoline used in cars to Jet fuel used in jetliners and fuel oil used as bunkers on vessels and ships. Roles of traders and intermediaries are getting acute as technology and communications bring about transparency in trade flows between producers and refiners/endusers. Together, forging local partnerships at the specific areas of interest, we develop sustainable business models which in turn create functional demand nodes.

Jameson Bin Pias

Main Shareholder and Director

Mr. Jameson was the former Regional Senior Manager with Shell in Malaysia for two decades. In 2002, he joined Urusharta Cemerlang Sdn Bhd (UCSB), and established property developer as CEO/Director. Mr. Jameson is the current director at eh Pavilion, a 1.3 million square property at the financial district of Kuala Lumpur.

Ong Eng Hian

Chief Trader

Mr. Ong graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Ong has more than 20 years of experience trading in the energy industry. 

Starting with BP Singapore, where he moved his way up the ladder to be come a fully qualified trader and got a strong experience...

Toh Hock Ghim


Mr. Toh graduated from the University of Singapore with the Bachelor of Arts (Political Science). He was the Former Senior Civil Servant with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Former Director in the ASEAN Directorate in the Singapore Foreign Ministry, and Former Consul-General in Hong Kong. Mr. Toh has served...

Charles Maulino

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Maulino has more than 40 years in commodities Oil Finance and Trade in Asia, Middle East, and Europe. He is the ex Senior Banker Energy Oil and Gas and Head of Oil Trade Finance with Major International Banks. Mr. Maulino has several years of business in crude acquisition and structed transactions with a major...

Tony Au

Financial Advisor

Mr. Au graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He has more than 20 years of working experience in Hong banks in a senior management position, in charge of credit, trade finance and investment. Since 2011, he has become the Chief Executive Officer with Winson Oil Group...

Yip Hung Lam


Mr. Yip graduated with a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering. As a scientist, he plays a major role in research development of electronic equipment as well as marketing of equipment.

Mohzani Abdul Wahab


Mr. Mohzani had worked in various Senior Management positions with Shell Malaysia and Shell Malaysia trading for 33 years since 1976. He is presently the Board Members and Directors in several private and public listed companies (Pavillion REIT Management, Hong Leong Investment Bank, Boustead Plantations Bhd etc…

Lara Tan Hui Hoon

Trading Assistant

Cheryl Goh

Office Manager

Vanessa Ho Lun, Siu

Assistant to CEO

  • Adopt a responsible and respectful strategy of keeping the environment safe from pollution, emissions and harmful deposits.

  • Bridge culture, language, and local aspirations with international practices to take on the growth areas such as Myanmar, Indo- China and pockets in South East Asia.

  • Creates value in the supply chain with efficient models of break-bulk, effective use of assets in the region, reciprocal relationships with participants in the region

  • Create strong relationships with the various administrations, sound knowledge of trade agreements between countries

  • Deliver constructive value to the market segments though the supply of the distillates as required. In particular, light and middle distillates.

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Trading and Operation Office

96 Robinson Road, SIF building, #13-03, Singapore 068899

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Fax: +65 6224 1516

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